Drop Offs and Goodbyes

Last Wednesday, I dropped my two year old off at school for his first day! He is my third son and I was very ready for him to go to school (it was a long summer). We actually went back and forth for a while before deciding to enroll him this fall and I’m so … Continue reading

Open Houses

What is Open House and why is it important? So school is getting started again and you have received information about your child’s “Open House” at his/her school.  You are probably thinking what is this? Do we have to go?  Of course you don’t have to attend Open House, but I am going to give … Continue reading


  BackPack Learning has finally made the plunge into the blog world. We recently realized that there is so much information to offer our friends and customers about learning opportunities at home, parental involvement,  and schooling in general that we decided it was time to start blogging. Writing has always been in my background, considering … Continue reading